Arbitration Services

Services and Fee Policies

Hearing:          250.00 per hour

Study:              250.00 per hour

Travel:             250.00 per hour

Cancellation:   1,500.00 per day

Cancellation Time Period: Prior to 14 days of confirmed hearing dates

  1. Hearing Time. The per diem rate is $1,500.00 per day. A day for purposes of the fee is calculated at six (6) hours for the hearing. Hearings that are one day or less will be charged the full per diem rate. Subsequent hearings days of three hours or less will be billed at one-half of the per diem rate for that portion of the hearing. 
  2. Study Time. A day for purposes of the fee is calculated at six (6) hours for the study of the record and for preparation of the opinion.
  3. Postponements and Cancellation. Cancellation or postponements of confirmed hearing dates occurring 14 days or less prior to the hearing date will be assessed the per diem rate for one day. Indefinite postponements and abeyances beyond the scheduled hearing date will be treated as cancellations for billing purposes. Hearings that are rescheduled and confirmed more than twice at the request of the parties will result in a full per diem’s cancellation fee if they are later canceled, regardless of notice. No charges will be made or credited if a case is rescheduled due to inclement weather before the Arbitrator departs for the hearing. 
  4. Travel Time. Travel on days other than hearing days is billed in half-day increments of the per diem rate. When travel and hearing time exceed six hours in one day, time after six hours will be billed in half-day increments. 
  5. Expenses. Expenses incurred for transportation and accommodations on out-of-town trips and meals are based upon actual out-of-pocket expenditures and charged from the closest business address, unless otherwise agreed. Mileage will be charged at the current IRS rate per mile. Costs of photocopying, postage, faxing and long-distance phone calls, and all other actual expenses, including any cancellation fees or change fees charged by airlines, hotels, rental car companies, etc., will be billed to the parties on an actual cost basis. Receipts will be provided if they are requested by the parties prior to the scheduled hearing dates. 
  6. Initial Pre-Hearing Conference. Conference calls regarding substantive matters will be billed at the per diem rate on a pro-rata basis in one-hour increments. 
  7. Additional ADR Services. ADR services, such as mediation, performed at the parties’ request will be charged in the same manner as hearings. This includes the drafting of any settlement agreements.
  8. Decision based on the record. If the parties choose to waive the hearing and, instead, submit all evidence, briefs, etc. to the Arbitrator for an opinion to be rendered, a minimum of two (2) days’ fees will be charged. Any canceled hearing dates will also be subject to cancellation charges. 
  9. Terms of Obligation and Payments. The Arbitrator reserves the right to bill the parties on an interim basis (prior to when a decision is rendered) if the Arbitrator deems early expenditures for the case to be considerable or upon the postponement or cancellation of a confirmed hearing date. All fees and expenses will be charged equally to the parties unless the Arbitrator is otherwise advised jointly by the parties. Applicable law makes both parties jointly and severally responsible for the entire amount due. An invoice will be sent to the parties when the decision is issued. Payment is upon receipt of the invoice and is considered delinquent after 30 days of the invoice date.

Revised January 6, 2023