With over 20 years of work experience in the employment and labor sector, Patricia has developed a temperament and skill set that is well-suited for mediation and arbitration. While working as an attorney, Patricia’s work experience included:

•    Negotiating 100’s of settlements and stipulated election agreements; Serving as EEOC Coordinator

•   Investigating complicated and controversial cases in various industries with designated time targets {Fact-finder of 100’s of labor (750+) and employment (200+) cases}

•  Authoring 1000’s of case-related documents including affidavits, investigative subpoena, enforcement documents, and final investigative reports; and

•    Conducting hearings, analyzing evidence, and writing decisions;

•  Representing the General Counsel in formal proceedings for the National Labor Relations Board in administrative and U.S. Federal Courts; 

•   Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with unions, employers, employees, attorneys and representatives of other agencies

•   Developing, implementing, and leading a diverse and inclusive women’s ministry program in Shanghai, China; Learning and embracing cultural uniqueness through visiting various countries on six continents.

Patricia has demonstrated her ability to integrate her skills in diverse environments. She took a 2 ½ year sabbatical in Shanghai, China where she consulted with the Shanghai Community Center Board to develop and administer a 360-style performance evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the Executive Director; advised the Executive Director on the revision and administration of HR policies including compensation and benefits; and participated in philanthropic endeavors to raise funds for the Community Center.  She immensely enjoyed learning about the culture and meeting life-long friends.

Patricia has always interwoven mediation skills into her legal practice and is excited to now focus full-time in the area of mediation and arbitration. As a neutral, Patricia continues to focus on labor and employment issues and has gained experience in other areas such as consumer, landlord/tenant, debtor/creditor, commercial, consumer, contract, and family issues. In FMS Mediation, LLC, Patricia is in a position to uphold the integrity and fairness of hearings and to dedicate herself full-time to a process of facilitating meaningful discussions between individuals to promote resolutions that matter.