With over 20 years of work experience in the employment and labor sector, Patricia has developed a temperament and skill set that is well-suited for mediation. While working as an attorney, Patricia’s work experience included:

•    Negotiating 100’s of settlements and stipulated election agreements; Served as EEOC Coordinator

•    Investigating complicated and controversial cases; Completed high priority cases within time target;

•    Authored 1000’s of case-related documents including affidavits, investigative subpoena, enforcement documents, and final investigative reports; and

•    Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with unions, employers, employees, attorneys and representatives of other agencies

Patricia has demonstrated her ability to integrate her skills in diverse environments. She took a 2 ½ year sabbatical in Shanghai, China where she consulted with the Shanghai Community Center Board to develop and administer a 360-style performance evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the Executive Director; advised the Executive Director on the revision and administration of HR policies including compensation and benefits; and participated in philanthropic endeavors to raise funds for the Community Center.  She immensely enjoyed learning about the culture and meeting life-long friends.

Patricia has always interwoven mediation skills into her legal practice and is excited to now focus full-time in the area of mediation. While practicing, Patricia received training in Civil Mediation in 2014 and Family Mediation in 2017.  The skills learned were invaluable.  She was commended for handling the most difficult cases, such as cases that required priority handling and injunctive relief, and cases that were exceptionally difficult because they contained questions of first impression; involved difficult parties; had highly complex and controversial facts; had an important impact upon the economic life of the area or the nation, by virtue of the nature of the industry involved or the seriousness of the violations; or involved highly publicized, volatile, or sensitive issues. In FMS Mediation, LLC, Patricia is a position to dedicate herself full-time to a process of facilitating meaningful discussions between individuals to promote resolutions that matter to the parties.