Why Am I A Mediator

When I am selected to serve as a mediator, I am humbled to serve to bring diverging thoughts on one accord to facilitate an agreement that fosters understanding and reconciliation. As a mediator, I serve as a neutral third-party to ensure a safe space for open communications for the parties to explore and evaluate options using objective criteria.

Guided Discussions

This firm offers tailored-specific discussions in the mediation process for parties to seek resolution to disputes in a cost-effective manner. By committing to open, honest, and respectful communication with the assistance of a mediator, the parties generate their own solution that results in a customized agreement.

Resolutions Matter

The objective in each mediation session is to generate vital communication between parties to produce solutions that matter. The result of the mediation is a mutually agreed to Mediated Settlement Agreement.

COVID-19 NOTICE: FMS Mediation, LLC remains committed to our community during these fluid times. In order to assist with social distancing, parties may mediate cases utilizing Zoom, Face-Time, and/or conference call. Please call or email with any questions related to the mediation process. I look forward to serving you.